April is Active For Life Month!

BLS- shore to shore map BLS- shore to shore map

April is Stress Awareness and Active for Life Month! For the month of April, Brio Living Services is encouraging team members to join the Shore-to-Shore Walk, West Michigan to Southeast Michigan. Team members are encouraged to keep track of their miles through weekly check-ins with Jessica Finley, Human Resources Benefits and Project Manager for Brio Living Services. Jessica is there to help keep them accountable for their goals and provide them a visual representation of what they’ve walked. From Grand Rapids to Chelsea, it is over 100 miles. Can you make it Shore-to-Shore in the month of April?

This is Brio Living Services’ second year doing the Shore-to-Shore Walk and getting our team members up and active. Jessica shared the goals of the walk and what she hopes are takeaways.

“Getting our team members excited and passionate about wellness and the walk, we hope, is contagious to their family members and those they work with so maybe it gets them active!”

There are many benefits of Active for Life Month. With warmer weather upon us, it’s easier to find ways to be active and get your heart rate up, but it’s important to note that you don’t have to run a mile to be healthy. A quick 20–30-minute walk a couple times a week, will make a big difference in your physical wellness journey.

Are you ready to get active? Contact Jessica Finley at JFinley@MyBrio.org to get started!

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